Hackers Create Fake Coronavirus Trackers to Steal Cryptos
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16 March
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Some attackers are using people's fear of the coronavirus to spread their malware. DomainTools has reported an increase in the number of domain names in which the coronavirus is mentioned. For instance, the coronavirusapp app is being used to distribute the Android app CovidLock, which blocks users' screens and requests a payment of $100 in Bitcoins.

Scammers claim their app has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The description of the app ensures it will inform users when a case of coronavirus is detected nearby:

"Get Instant Notification when a Coronavirus Patient is Near You, View local coronavirus outbreak status in an easy to navigate app."

While being installed, the app asks users to grant several permissions, including access to your lock screen

DomainTool claims other similar attacks have been perpetrated by CovidLock distributors.

The coronavirus epidemic is spreading rapidly around the world. According to the latest data provided by the World Health Organization, the total number of people infected worldwide is 164,837, while the number of deaths has already reached 6,470.

It is no surprise people are looking for a way to find out whether there are any cases in the area where they live, something hackers have used to make money.

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