IOTA Network Resumes Operations After 2 Months of Downtime
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The IOTA network is back online after a two-month downtime caused by a hacker attack on Trinity wallets.

IOTA Fixes Bug That Blocked Transactions Confirmation for 15+ Hours

The February 12 attack forced the IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization behind the IOTA (MIOTA) crypto project that runs the Coordinator, to stop transactions on the network and protect Trinity users from further theft of their tokens.

"This incident underlines the importance of deeply stringent software security practices and is an event that others should learn from, as we have done ourselves," IOTA Foundation pointed out in an official statement.

As a result of the vulnerability, approximately $2,2 million in IOTA tokens were stolen from users' wallets.

IOTA Foundation Suspends its Network After Hacker Attack

Earlier iHodl reported that the Co-Founder of the IOTA Foundation David Sønstebø announced that he will reimburse all IOTA theft victims with his own funds.

The screenshot of the announcement was reposted on a Reddit-thread by a user with the nickname "Trear."

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