Human Rights Foundation Accepts BTC Donations through BTCPay Server
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The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a New York-based non-profit charity, has just started to accept donations in Bitcoin thanks to a partnership with the open source payment processor BTCPay Server.

Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer at HRF, has said that although the organization has been accepting donations in Bitcoin since 2014, this is the first time it has accepted BTC donations through a payment processor.

He added:

"BTCPay Server helps protect the privacy of donors; has no centralized entity that would collect or exploit user information; and is nicely customizable."

In addition, it should be noted HRF not only accepts donations in Bitcoin, but also in Ethereum, Monero and Zcash.

Gladstein has said Bitcoin can contribute greatly to the defense of human rights:

"Something that is going to decentralize the means of production of money and access to money will be remarkably powerful, especially as we move into a more cashless future where all money will be electronic."

Last year, it was reported several organizations had started to accept donations in cryptocurrencies. For example, back in January it was known Wikipedia had started to accept donations in Bitcoin Cash, while Tor began accepting donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar Lumen, Augur, and Zcash in March.

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