Belarus Wants to be Able to Seize Cryptos from Criminals
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The Belarusian authorities have asked the country's legislators for permission to confiscate Bitcoins from criminals.

The Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, a centralized system of state law enforcement agencies, is exploring the possibility of supporting a legal initiative that would authorize them to seize cryptocurrencies from criminals.

Ivan Noskevich, head of the Investigative Committee, publicly presented the initiative yesterday on a television interview. According to him, the country's authorities do not have any law allowing them to confiscate cryptos from criminals.

The law enforcement agencies have reportedly encountered many problems during their investigations in relation to cryptocurrencies. Thus, the authorities are seeking for a change in the current legislation to allow them to confiscate cryptos from criminals who have used them to obtain profits.

The news came shortly after several countries unveiled their intention to auction cryptocurrencies confiscated during police investigations. For example, yesterday it was known Belgium plans to auction off seized Bitcoins.

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