Blockchain to Spur Tenfold Increase of Crypto User Base, Coinbase CEO Says
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6 March
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Chief Executive of the US-based popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong said that blockchain will help increase the crypto community from 50 million users up to 5 billion.

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The main reasons for such a massive tenfold increase, according to Armstrong, will be scalability, privacy, decentralized identity, and developer tool solutions.

Coinbase CEO highlights that scalability should grow up to the thousands of TPS mark in order to get mainstream adoption of crypto. In addition to that, Armstrong believes that blockchain-related frameworks should be super simple for developers to build apps, publish them, and get distribution.

"The apps need to «just work» for users, so there will need to be a bigger focus on UX (standardization on the decentralized identity piece above will help with this)," Coinbase CEO wrote.

Earlier Coinbase revealed its emergency plan to protect employees in case of a worsening situation with the spread of coronavirus.

According to a published document, the exchange intends to introduce several stages of security measures, depending on the situation.

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