Next Governor of the Bank of England: Be Prepared to Lose Your Money if You Invest in Bitcoin
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Andrew Bailey, who will soon succeed Mark Carney as governor of the Bank of England, the country's central bank, has just made some controversial statements regarding Bitcoin.

According to him, investors in the reference crypto must "be prepared to lose all their money."

It must be noted that this statement has not taken anyone by surprise, as in December 2017 he shared a series of unfavorable statements about Bitcoin during an interview with the BBC. Then, Bailey said buying Bitcoin is like gambling, since "it is not a currency" but "a very volatile commodity in terms of pricing."

He has served as deputy governor of the bank from April 2013 to July 2016 and will begin his term as governor on March 16.

Bailey added through a video posted on Twitter that "there’s no guarantee of the value of bitcoin. I've said publicly because we were concerned about it – if you want to buy bitcoin, be prepared to lose all your money. If you want to buy it, fine, but understand that what you've got has no intrinsic value. It might have extrinsic value, but no intrinsic value."

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