Data of 266,000 Trident Crypto Fund Customers Leaked Online
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5 March
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The data of 266 thousand clients of the Trident Crypto Fund, including about 9.8 thousand Russian cryptocurrency holders have been leaked to the Internet, iHodl Russia reports citing a statement by Ashot Oganesyan, CTO & Founder of DeviceLock.

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Oganesyan claims that the incident is the largest data leak that has ever occurred to the Russian crypto investors.

"Leaks and various attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and funds occur quite often. Perhaps among the disclosed data, there was already information about the citizens of our country. However, no one took them separately before, and these 10 thousand records from the Trident Crypto Fund can be called the first major leak of information related to the Russians' cryptocurrency depositors," Oganesyan said.

The leaked database reportedly contains e-mail addresses, passwords, first names, last names, countries of residence, IP addresses and, in some cases, mobile phone numbers.

According to Oganesyan, the database was uploaded on February 20th, and by March 3rd half of the passwords had already been decrypted.

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Previously iHodl reported that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB), which is Russia's main security agency and the Bank of Russia had agreed to prohibit cryptocurrency payments.

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