Google Play is Blocking Crypto News Apps
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March 3, 2020

Some apps that publish crypto and blockchain news have been removed from the platform. In particular, Cointelegraph's and CoinDesk's app have disappeared from Google Play, Cointelegraph has reported.

Cointelegraph has said Google Play has not contacted the company or informed it about the reasons that have led to the removal of the app. The news source claims it has been operating as usual, so it does not understand why Google has decided to remove its app.

At the end of December the Ethereum browser MetaMask was also removed from Google Play. Shortly afterwards, Google reported its terms and conditions do not allow mining apps. However, as MetaMask's app does not offer crypto mining, it became again available for download from the platform.

Just a few days ago it was known that YouTube had again censored some crypto channels even though its policy does not directly prohibit them.

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