Bitfinex Announces Massive Trading Pair Delisting
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2 March
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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced it will cease almost 50 trading pairs due to low liquidity on the platform.

According to an announcement, the below tokens will not be delisted and are still available for trading with other pairs on Bitfinex.

  • The following tokens to Ethereum: Fusion (FSN/ETH), Scorum (SCR/ETH), Credits (CSX/ETH), On.Live (ONL/ETH), Statis Euro (EUS/ETH), Atonomi (ATM/ETH), AidCoin (AID/ETH), Aelf (ELF/ETH), Auctus (AUC/ETH), DAOstack (GEN/ETH), Mithril (MIT/ETH), Seer (SEE/ETH), Yggdrash (YGG/ETH), Contentbox (BOX/ETH), Lympo (LYM/ETH), BnkToTheFuture (BFT/ETH), OKEX (OKB/ETH), Blockpass (PAS/ETH), Loom Network (LOO/ETH), Verge (XVG/ETH), MATRIX AI Network (MAN/ETH), FOAM (FOA/ETH), Tripio (TRI/ETH), Vetri (VLD/ETH), Nucleus Vision (NCA/ETH), Universa (UTN/ETH), Cortex (CTX/ETH);
  • The following tokens to Bitcoin: CommerceBlock (CBT/BTC), Edge (DAD/BTC), ORS Group (ORS/BTC), BLOCKv (VEE/BTC), Nectar Token (NEC/BTC), Nucleus Vision (NCA/BTC), Sentient Coin (SEN/BTC), Everipedia (IQX/BTC), POA (POA/BTC), Lympo (LYM/BTC), Hydro Protocol (HOT/BTC), YOYOW (YYW/BTC), Atonomi (ATM/BTC), AidCoin (AID/BTC), Medicalchain (MTN/BTC), Essentia (ESS/BTC);
  • The following tokens to DAI: OmiseGO (OMG/DAI), 0x (ZRX/DAI);
  • The following token to Japanese Yen: Verge (XVG/JPY).

The exchange claims to cease trading for the above-mentioned pairs starting from 06/03/20 10:00 AM UTC.

All remaining open orders will be canceled by the system, Bitfinex says.

Bitfinex Launches Margin Trading for Tether Gold

Recently Bitfinex recovered after a short pause of its services. According to the exchange, the reason behind the stopping was caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) network attack on the website.

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