Bitfinex and OKEx Suffer DDoS Attacks
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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has recovered after a short pause of its services. According to the exchange, the reason behind the stopping was caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) network attack on the site.

While there are no details on how exactly it happened, the Bitfinex team will report on the progress of the incident investigation on the Bitfinex Status page. The OKEx cryptocurrency exchange has also reported on a DDoS attack.

Bitfinex Announces Temporary Suspension of Operations for Technical Maintenance

The attack was reportedly aimed at preventing traffic from entering the trading platform, iHodl Russia has learned.

OKEx CEO Jay Hao called the attack "large-scale" and associated it with the actions of competitors. After troubleshooting, the OKEx technical support team reacted quickly and took steps to resolve them.

A platform representative said:

"We provide technical support and monitoring 24/7, so we were able to properly cope with the situation in a short time. Customers are not affected. We will continue to prepare to protect our users."

At the time of writing, both of the exchanges operate as usual.

Earlier iHodl reported that OKEx announced the launch of a test network for its new OKChain product.

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