Tether Co-Founder Says Blockchain is Inconvenient
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William Quigley, co-founder of Tether Inc, a company behind stablecoin pegged to the US dollar in an interview with Forbes shared his thoughts on blockchain technology and its use in the modern world.

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Quigley particularly pointed out that blockchain technology is inconvenient for the every-day-use and it lacks usability.

"We realized that blockchains are a pain in the ass. I came from a place where usability was a religion — it's Disney. Somehow, God put me in a place where it is the opposite of it. The blockchain is not convenient and easy to use, in particular, it is trying to connect directly to the blockchain, so we have abstractions like MetaMask," Quigley said

However, Quigley admits there are many things people want to do on a blockchain, particularly dApps.

"They're going to want a lot of tools that they're used to having maybe in an app store or they're used to having on the web," he said.

Earlier iHodl reported that Bitcoin.com founder and Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver the launch of Tether on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

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