YouTube is Blocking Crypto-related Channels Again
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25 February
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YouTube has started to block crypto channels again. The video streaming platform owned by Google has censored the channels of Ivan on Tech, Crypto Wendy O and Chico Crypto.

According to Ivan On Tech, who has around 215,000 subscribers, his channel has been one of the first to be blocked by the platform. He claims his live broadcast, in which he was talking about some important news related to Bitcoin halving, which is expected to happen in May this year, was blocked.

As a result of the block, Ivan On Tech will not be able to have live broadcasts for 3 months or publish new videos for a week.

Even though YouTube has not disclosed the reasons behind its decision, some users believe it might have decided to block the channel due to the sensational nature of its content or the active promotion of unregulated cryptocurrency derivatives. One user has said:

"Saying 'BITCOIN GOING VERTICAL' and then encouraging users to go on his sponsored crypto exchange is harmful and an indirect form of comp for investment advice."

We must not forget that at the end of last year YouTube also blocked some crypto-related videos. However, the platform later said this block was the result of a bug, so it never meant to remove those videos as its current Terms and Conditions do not directly ban crypto-related content.

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