Microsoft Azure Integrates Commercial Blockchain
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Cloud solution Microsoft Azure has teamed up with Lition to offer its customers access to the startup's blockchain.

According to the press release shared by Lition, the firm has just become one of the few public/private blockchains supported by the US giant's cloud solution.

It must be noted that Microsoft was one of the first large companies to integrate blockchain into its services.

From now on, Microsoft Azure customers will be able to develop, test and launch both side chains and apps on Lition's blockchain with just a on click. According to Lition CEO Richard Lohwasser:

"Lition is committed to providing an accessible onramp to blockchain for all organizations. We believe that making integration as seamless as possible is vital to bridging the gap to adoption. Azure will be a tremendous asset for our customers..."

Microsoft Azure's customers include more than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Boeing and Samsung.

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