Telegram Releases Guide For Creating Sites on TON
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Telegram has just released a guide that describes how to create sites on TON. According to the document, TON sites can be used as an entry point for other services in the Telegram Operan Network.

For example, the html pages downloaded from the TON sites can contain links like "ton: //", which allow TON Wallet users to make transactions.

Technically, TON Sites are similar to standard web sites, however, the main difference is that they are not accessible through the Internet, but through the TON Network.

Each site has a ADNL address. As all encryption is handled by ADNL, developers do not need to use HTTPS.

In order to access existing TON sites and create new ones, special gateways are needed between the "ordinary" Internet and the TON network. Particularly, access to TON Sites is possible with the help of a HTTP->RLDP proxy that runs locally on the client's computer, and are created by a reverse RLDP->HTTP proxy that runs on a remote web server.

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