OKEx Launches OKChain Testnet for dApp Products
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Feb. 10, 2020
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Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has announced the launch of a test network for its new OKChain product.

The exchange says that the blockchain technology will become the fundamental infrastructure and catalyst for the next human breakthrough, as the Internet once did.

According to an official press release, the exchange intends to create a decentralized and open public chain so that all participating nodes have the same opportunities for the free launch and release of decentralized applications.

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Our goal is to be as decentralized as bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin), to build a highly efficient public chain that can be used by anyone around the world, to create a truly borderless ecosystem, the announcement says.

The new product is a decentralized public network focused on various decentralized applications (dApps). The exchange hopes that with the help of the OKChain network, users will be able to issue their own cryptocurrencies, create trading pairs and freely trade on them.

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Also, by using the blockchain, users can create their own decentralized exchanges (DEX) and configure which assets and trading pairs they want to trade, the exchange highlights.

OKEx has already launched OKEx, a decentralized application based on OKChain. To provide the best trading experience and liquidity, OKEx DEX supports real-time settlements in a trusted manner.

Earlier iHodl reported that OKEx launched bitcoin options for all users. Previously, the tool was available only to selected customers who received a special invitation.

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