Twitter Quarterly Revenue Exceeds $1B for First Time
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The revenues of the popular social network during Q4 2019 reached $1.01B for the first time in history, according to the company's quarterly report.

However, Twitter's net income slid to $119M, down from the $255M reached in Q4 2018. Earnings per share fell almost 50% from $0.33 to $0.15.

Analysts expected the company's revenues to rise to $997M, which means their forecast was very close to the final figure. However, they also expected earnings per share to reach $0.29, far from the current $0.15.

Active monetizable daily users - the metric the company uses to measure the size of its audience - climbed by 21% during the quarter and now stand at 152 million. The number of daily active users during the last quarter of 2019 jumped by 7 million, higher than the 2 million expected by analysts.

According to the company, this is due to updated social network algorithms, which allow users view more relevant content in their feeds.

The company's shares have jumped by 15% after the news was released, boosting Twitter's market cap to $30B, although it has slightly fallen since then.

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