Blockchain Firm Launches Platform to Fight Coronavirus
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6 February
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Chinese company Hyperchain announced on February 4 through a press release the launch of a blockchain-based platform aimed at raising funds to fight the coronavirus.

The funds attracted will be used to purchase medical supplies and support Chinese hospitals.

Hyperchain has collaborated with Fuxing Group, Xiongan Group as well as other Chinese leading companies to develop a platform that ensures that the donation process is immutable, traceable and reliable.

The platform will allow donors to know at all times how their donations are used.

Hyperchain (Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd) is a high-tech company established back in 2016 that provides technical products and blockchain solutions. It specializes in the development of blockchain platforms.

The coronavirus has already caused the death of more than 500 people and infected over 28,000. Health authorities in countries around the world are tirelessly working to find a cure. While several countries, including China, have already managed to isolate the virus, scientists say it could take months before an effective vaccine is ready.

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