US Marshals to Auction $37.5M in Bitcoins
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The US Federal Marshals Service (USMS) plans to hold an auction to sell 4,040 confiscated Bitcoins (about $37.3M).

The auction will be held on February 18 and will last approximately six hours. People interested in participating in the auction must register before February 12 and deposit $200,000.

The auction will be held in 4 series: 2,500, 1,000, 500 and 40,54069820 BTCs. The first three lots will be divided into separate blocks.

These Bitcoins were confiscated in over 50 federal criminal, civil and administrative proceedings.

The US Federal Marshals Service has been auctioning Bitcoins since 2014. The last auction, in which it sold 660 Bitcoins, was held in November 2018.

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