BitMEX Introduces Perpetual XRP Swaps
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Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has announced it will launch perpetual XRP swaps paired with the dollar.

Derivatives Platform Gains CFTC Approval to Launch Physically-settled Bitcoin Swaps

The new financial tool will be available for the exchange users starting from February 5, at 0400 UTC. The XRPUSD swaps will not have an expiration date and the maximum leverage is set at the 50x mark.

The cost of each contract is equal to $1. Trading fees will be charged to users every 8 hours. Meanwhile, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes claims he doesn’t care whether XRP is called Ripple, XRP, or even worse. Hayes says since XRP is worth more than zero, it should be traded on the exchange.

Last year, the BitMEX exchange added support for Bech32 addresses native to SegWit technology, which users can specify when withdrawing their assets. The exchange said that the update was part of a plan to optimize the infrastructure of bitcoin wallets and technology to reduce its used space in blocks and the number of commissions for customers.

Earlier iHodl reported that Ripple-backed Xpring initiative rolled out blockchain developers dedicated forum and community page, as part of a new function at Xpring. The idea of the forum is to further engage the growing developer community across the world.

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