Kraken Reveals Critical Flaw in Trezor Wallet
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Jan. 31, 2020
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Cybersecurity researchers at Kraken Security Labs have discovered a way to extract seeds from such wallets as Trezor One and Trezor Model T just within 15 minutes.

According to the official blog post, all that potential hacker is needed is physical access to the wallet.

Kraken Reveals Critical Flaw in Trezor Wallet

The lab says the attack is based on voltage glitching. Even though the whole process may require specialized hardware and knowledge, the researches admit that a consumer-friendly glitching device could be created just for $75.

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In order to prevent the possible attack, Kraken Security Labs recommends to physically isolate access to KeepKey.

Meanwhile, KeepKey's representatives said they are already aware of "similar attacks."

Earlier iHodl reported that popular in the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was planning to disable the dApp browser functionality from the Coinbase Wallet in order to comply with App Store policy.

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