Tesla Deliveries In 4Q Hit Record
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Electric vehicle maker Tesla delivered over 112,000 cars to its clients during the fourth quarter of 2019, a figure that had never been reached before. Compared to the year before, vehicle deliveries have increased by 23%.

According to the company's latest report, Elon Musk's firm revenue increased by 2% to $7.38B. Regarding losses, Tesla lost $862M in 2019.

In total, Tesla made 367,000 electric cars during 2019, a figure it plans to increase to 500,000 units during this year.

The company's net profit for 4Q 2019 was $105M ($140M the year before). However, the figure is better than what analysts predicted.

According to them, the average price of Model 3 dropped to $47,700 in the fourth quarter (this figure was $57,000 just a year earlier), while Model S and Model X sales fell by 33% in 2019.

The company said 2019 has become a turning point. Now Tesla expects to grow even more boosted by the high demand for the Model 3 and the opening of its factory in Shanghai.

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