TRON Foundation and Justin Sun Sued by Former Employees
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Jan. 27, 2020

Two former TRON Foundation employees have sued the company and its founder Justin Sun, accusing them of firing them due to objections to management practices and the application of the technology they were developing, CoinDesk reports.

According to the news outlet, Richard Hall, 50, and Lukasz Juraszek, 28, worked for BitTorrent, the p2p file-sharing form TRON acquired back in 2018.

The plaintiffs claim Sun pressured Hall to finish a series of software updates for BitTorrent on time. In addition, Juraszek claims Sun slapped Cong Li, the technical manager and one of the defendants for hitting and insulting a manager.

The manager reportedly told Juraszek that Li was setting "incredibly high technical standards." After that, an unknown person logged into Juraszek's work account and deleted his emails.

Hall also claims he informed company executives about the risks associated with the distribution of third-party content that violates copyright laws and child pornography on BitTorrent, however, Li and Sun did nothing to ask the company lawyers to review the service's policies.

Li also threatened Hall with firing him if he took a vacation that had already been approved, and forced him to cancel his trip without offering the contractually guaranteed reimbursement he was entitled to. Hall did not obey, and after his return, he was demoted and received a series of threats from Li when he tried to document their verbal conversations in emails.

Later, Hall and Juraszek were fired, as they claim, for discriminatory circumstances. The plaintiffs want to receive $15M from the TRON Foundation.

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