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The EU intends to tighten antitrust rules, as well as encourage businesses to share data as part of the restructuring of industrial policy, Reuters has learned.

The new strategy also includes more aggressive use of trade protection instruments against companies that are believed to unfairly benefit from foreign subsidies.

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According to the regulatory document, the EU intends to protect uncompetitive industries and promote protectionist policies.

The document highlights that due to the growth of the data economy, the new policy provides for the creation of a legal framework to simplify the use, access to and exchange of data so that companies could use the benefits of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

"This strategy sets the contours of a new and assertive industrial policy what will enable the EU to remain a global economic power," the document says.

Earlier iHodl reported that Japan is actively working on its version of national digital currency amid China's plan to digitalize the economy.

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