XRP Sales Slid by 80% During Q4
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Ripple has just reported XRP sales fell sharply in the 4th quarter of 2019, according to the report the company has just shared.

XRP sales reached a total of $13.08M, a figure 80% lower than the $66.24M reached during the previous quarter.

Ripple believes one of the possible reasons behind this slide is the pause of XRP's "programmatic sales" through the Ripple affiliate network, as during Q4 2019, the company only sold the token directly to institutional investors.

The average daily transaction volume also dropped from 198.10 million in Q3 to 187.34 million.

It must be noted that Ripple is continuously working on expanding its network of On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) partners, who can use the XRP token for payments. Just in November "more than two dozen" firms, including MoneyGram, goLance and Viamericas, joined the project.

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