Bakkt will Launch its Consumer App this Year
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23 January
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Adam White, president of the crypto platform Bakkt, has just revealed new details about the company's new payments app, The Block reports.

In a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos White said Bakkt's consumer app will view digital assets as any form of value that is digital, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This means the application will be compatible with digital products, such as loyalty points and promotions.

In addition, the possible inclusion of a merchant portal and a number of other assets will make the app more similar to, for instance, PayPal than to a crypto service like Flexa.

White also noted no "killer app" has yet been launched on the crypto market, but he is confident this will happen sooner or later:

"What gives me optimism is that we are seeing a lot of developer interest. I am confident that someone is going to find something."

Bakkt launched in December the trading of options and Bitcoin futures with cash settlement.

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