Tesla's Market Cap Exceeds $100B
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Tesla's market value has surpassed $100B for the first time in its history becoming the first US car maker to break that barrier, Reuters has reported.

During yesterday's trading session, the company's shares on NASDAQ climbed to $555. However, they fell again shortly afterwards, which made the company's market value also fall below $100B.

It must be noted the company's shares have grown significantly over the past 3 months thanks to increased profitability, which has been boosted by the unexpectedly good quarterly results shared in October, the increased production in its China factory and the record annual car deliveries.

Last week iHodl reported Tesla's value had surpassed that of Ford and General Motors combined after reaching $89B.

If the company's stocks keep growing, Elon Musk will be the first to win the first $346 million tranche of options in a record-breaking pay package.

Musk will receive this first tranche if Tesla's average cap remains above the $100 mark for at least 6 months.

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