BitPay Adds Support for XRP
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22 January
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Crypto payment processor BitPay has just announced it has added support for the XRP token.

According to BitPay, the integration has been done through Xpring, Ripple's open development platform.

In October 2019 both companies said they planned to work together. At that time, Sean Rolland, BitPay's director of product, said XRP can offer a "fast, cost-effective, and scalable" payment option.

From now on, merchants that work with BitPay, such as Microsoft or Dish Networks, can accept XRP tokens from their customers. However, the first two companies to accept payments with XRP are the gift card service eGifter and the humanitarian organization CAREUSA.

After listing XRP on the platform, BitPay now supports 7 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDC, GUSD, PAX, and XRP.

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