Telefónica Gives 8,000 Companies Access to its Blockchain
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Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica has just partnered with the Association of Science and Technology Parks (APTE) to give 8,000 companies access to its blockchain.

Per news outlet TotalTele, Telefónica plans to deploy nodes of its Hyperledger-based blockchain at 52 technology and science parks of APTE.

The participating parks will reportedly have 3 months to use Telefónica's blockchain to develop applications and test their own tokens, which will facilitate the creation of private and secure channels to exchange information.

In order to conduct the project, Telefónica will make use of Cloud Garden, a platform it jointly launched with US giant IBM 8 months ago that allows companies to use blockchain, big data or artificial intelligence solutions through a cloud platform.

Felipe Romera, president of APTE, has compared blockchain with the deployment of the Internet in the 1990s, stating that "just as during those years technology and science parks were the only places where high-speed Internet could be accessed, now the same thing is happening but with blockchain."

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