Ripple Executive Develops Platform that Allows Musicians Sell Music for XRP
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Craig DeWitt, director of product at Ripple, has just announced he has developed a platform based on Ripple tech that allows musicians to sell their content for XRP tokens and keep all the profits.

He has reportedly developed this platform with the aim of reducing costs, as it will allow content creators to sell their material directly to users without any intermediaries. This way, musicians will keep all the profits at the same time that consumers pay less.

DeWitt said:

"When you cut out the middlemen you get lower prices, more revenue to the artists, and more art."

The platform, which has been developed using Ripple's blockchain, is called xSongs. When musicians upload their material to the platform, it carries out several checks, including copyright, and then makes it available to users, who can buy it directly with XRP tokens.

The beta version of the platform has already been released, so users can already start testing it.

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