Google Restores Access to MetaMask App on Google Play
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US tech giant Google has just restored the Ethereum dApps browser on its app store, MetaMask announced on Sunday.

According to MetaMask, Google has decided to lift the ban on the app after careful consideration.

iHodl reported last week Google had decided to remove the app from Google Play arguing it offered, among other services, the possibility of mining cryptocurrencies, which is against its terms and conditions.

However, MetaMask does not offer crypto mining. It is simply a browser extension that allows running Ethereum-based dApps. As the company disagreed with Google's decision, it decided to appeal the ban.

According to the browser's developer, the experience has helped it become more resilient and stronger.

Google has recently hit headlines as a result of several unfortunate decisions. For example, just a few days ago YouTube, which is owned by Google, removed several crypto-related videos from its platform. The crypto community received this news with great surprise as YouTube's policy does not expressly ban cryptocurrencies. However, the video streaming platform said these videos had been mistakenly removed as there had not been any change in its policy that might affect crypto videos.

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