Ethereum Activates Muir Glacier Hard Fork
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The Muir Glacier hard fork of Ethereum's network has just been activated, according to data provided by ethernodes.

The resource has reported the update of Ethereum's mainnet has taken place at block number 9,200,000.

The hard fork just includes one improvement proposal, the EIP 2384. Its aim is to delay Ethereum's difficulty bomb, an algorithm integrated into the crypto's blockchain that may significantly increase the difficulty of mining a block.

This new hard fork reportedly aims to delay this difficulty bomb by around 4,000,000 blocks (about 611 days).

This hard fork arrives less than a month after the crypto activated its Istanbul hard fork.

This is the third time Ethereum's difficulty bomb is put off, as the network developers introduced some other updates in 2018 and 2019 in order to delay its activation.

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