Unknown Miners Control 70% of Bitcoin Cash Hash Rate
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The hash rate of the Bitcoin Cash network controlled by unknown miners has jumped to 68.75%, Trustnodes reports.

Last week, the hash rate belonging to unknown miners stood at 39%, however, it skyrocketed yesterday.

Judging from the comments made on a large number of transactions on Coinbase, a significant part of the cryptocurrency's hash rate is controlled by a single source:

The profitability of Bitcoin Cash mining is 2.9% lower than that of Bitcoin. At the same time, Bitcoin Cash represents just 1.2% of the total hash rate of three networks that share similar consensus algorithms, while in the case of Bitcoin this figure rises to 97.9%.

This dramatic change in the crypto's hash rate affects its security and makes it more vulnerable to 51% attacks.

Crypto trading platform Binance has recently said miners who prefer to mine Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV suffer losses, while those who mine Bitcoin actually make profits.

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