IOTA Fixes Bug That Blocked Transactions Confirmation for 15+ Hours
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The IOTA (MIOTA) network has successfully fixed a bug in Coordinator that disabled confirmations of transactions for 15+ hours.

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According to a GitHub submission, there was an issue with the IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI). It didn't account for a transaction that was shared between two distinct bundles.

"Once it marked it as "counted" in one bundle, it was ignored for the next bundle. This lead to a corrupt ledger state," the submission says.

Previously IOTA Founder David Sønstebø wrote on Discord that the discovered bug should be categorized as minor.

"It's really no different from periods where the network has been spammed and thus real tx slowes down sifnificantly," Sønstebø wrote.

Earlier iHodl reported that Sergey Ivancheglo, the Co-Founder of open-source distributed ledger IOTA (MIOTA), Sergey Ivancheglo, announced his departure from the project.

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