Research: Investors in IEO Lost Up to 98% of Their Investments
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BitMEX experts have analyzed the effectiveness of investments in 12 different projects that have carried out initial exchange offers (IEO) during this year and the results are surprising. According to the study, most tokens have lost up to 98% of their value after the investment.

If we compare the prices of the tokens after the investment with their original price, almost all of them have lost over 80% of their value. The only exception is Matic. The IEO of this project took place on Binance Launchpad, and since it launch, the price of the token has posted good results.

Research: Investors in IEO Lost Up to 98% of Their Investments

BitMEX researchers using paid online survey sites believe the prices of most tokens have fallen since their launch.

As a result, investors who invested in the tokens of 8 out of the 12 IEOs have lost 15%-93% of their initial investment.

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