Justin Sun Accused of Promoting a Pyramid Scheme
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Dec. 24, 2019

Justin Sun's followers have accused him of promoting a financial pyramid.

TRON CEO posted on Monday a tweet on his official Twitter account promoting the blockchain game Just.Game.

However, a large number of users said that Just.Game had been developed by the same people behind Fomo3D and Exitscam Me, two projects that vanished with investors' funds. The creators of the game describe it as "a self decentralized organization that has created a game on TRON blockchain."

To play the game, investors basically have to invest TRX tokens and attract new participants.

As part of its promotional campaign, Sun personally invested around 125 million TRX tokens ($1.75M) in Just.Game. Thanks to Sun's involvement in the project, Just.Game reached the first positions of the DappReview ranking just a few hours after being launched.

Users have already dubbed the new project as "Just.Ponzi".

TRX price has dipped by 5% after the news was shared.

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