Libra Developers Release 2nd Roadmap
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Dec. 20, 2019
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Libra developers, Facebook's stablecoin project, have just released the second roadmap for the implementation of the Libra Core software.

Per the document, developers state the intention of the project is to focus on the following 3 points in the near future:

  • Delivering mainnet features in priority order.
  • Defining launch criteria for going from Libra pre-mainnet to mainnet.
  • Educating and including the Libra community so that they can be valuable contributors to the Libra project.

The developers have also said that all deadlines set out in the first roadmap are being met and have added:

"We are now working on a full set of Libra protocol architecture documents and finalizing our external APIs with input from the community."

8 validation nodes have been launched in the Libra pre-mainnet so far. The developers have set a new strategy to help non-technical members deploy when the software is feature complete. In particular, the developers have said:

"As we get closer to launch, the Association will need to identify metrics that will enable members to evaluate whether the Libra blockchain is ready for launch (a public launch of the network will be subject to a vote by the Council of the Association). We need to measure success and identify dependencies. We have kick-started these discussions. In Roadmap #2, we will start to define these metrics (technical and non-technical)."

Patrick Ellis, board member of the Libra Association, has recently said the project will be launched next year in spite of the pressure from authorities around the world.

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