France's Regulator Greenlights First ICO in the Country
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France's financial regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), has just announced it has granted a French company its first license to hold an ICO.

The license has been granted to French-ICO, a startup that has developed a platform for funding projects with cryptocurrencies.

The AMF has published an official announcement on its website informing the company has been approved to legally hold an ICO in France.

In July it was known France's financial regulator was in talks with several companies that intended to hold an initial offer of coins (ICO) in the country.

Even though the company has received approval from the regulator, it is only valid until the end of the subscription period, which will end on June 1, 2020. Although ICOs are considered legal in the country, the fact that it is the first company to receive the approval from the AMF allows the ICO to be marketed directly to the public.

The regulator has stressed it has given its approval to the ICO and not to the token issuer.

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