NiceHash Pauses Repayment Program
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Dec. 19, 2019
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A Slovenian cryptocurrency hash power broker with an integrated marketplace NiceHash has announced it is "forced to pause the Repayment program at 82%."

FBI Charges Creator of Darkode and NiceHash with Fraud

According to the official press release, NiceHash will not be able to fulfill its promise to fully reimburse all users and achieve the 100% reimbursement status or the Repayment program in the foreseeable future.

NiceHash Pauses Repayment Program

"We have been repaying the old balance to our users through our fees and thus cutting our income. Our income and thus Repayment program assets are subject to taxation. The current state of the Repayment program is at 100,04% of the original loss value in our accounting books," NiceHash explained in the press release.

NiceHash will reportedly continue with the legal procedures regarding the repayment program to continue the program.

Back in 2017 iHodl reported that nearly $64 million USD had been lost after a cyber attack hit the cryptocurrency mining platform.

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