Blockstream Launches c-lightning Update for its Client for Lightning Network
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Canadian blockchain solutions provider Blockstream has just released a new version of its client for Lightning Network.

Starting with this new version of the product, c-lightning v0.8.0, any newly started node will run on the mainnet of the bitcoin unless otherwise specified with the "--network" parameter in the command line or configuration file. Project representatives have said:

"After almost two years of experience on both testnet and mainnet, it is now time to fully embrace being reckless, and make Bitcoin mainnet the default network. Starting with v0.8.0, any newly started node will run on mainnet unless you specify the '--network' in the command line or the configuration file."

Another new feature added to the c-lightning v0.8.0 update is that it allows multi-part payments, which means that the size of payments no longer depends on the limitations of a particular channel:

"Multi-part payments allow the sender to split a payment across an arbitrary number of channels and routes, combining liquidity in all those channels up to the desired amount. This greatly reduces the headache of managing how many channels to open, and how to allocate funds to them, since you can now simply combine them as and when necessary."

Another new addition to c-lightning v0.8.0 is that it now allows the use of advanced plug-ins. From now on, users can use third-party plug-ins "to extend a node’s functionality without having to leave their favorite development environment."

iHodl reported in August Blockstream had launched two mining centers and a pool in the US and Canada. While in July it was reported the company and Tether had launched the USDT token on Liquid Network.

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