Kraken Ex-Employee Sues Exchange for Fraud
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Dec. 18, 2019
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A former financial analyst from the Kraken exchange Nathan Peter Runyon has accused the exchange's management of illegal and unethical business practices. He is confident that the terms of his employment contract have been violated.

Runyon claims that Kraken served residents of countries against which the U.S. imposed sanctions.

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According to Runyon, millions of dollars of client funds, which should have been there, were not on the exchange's bank accounts at all.

Runyon's immediate supervisor also asked him to use Runyon's home address for applications that the exchange submitted to banks and regulators.

The plaintiff said that the company changed the scheme of encouraging employees the right to purchase shares without prior notice unilaterally. Runyon was eventually fired for criticizing such practices.

Previously iHodl reported that Dutch billionaire John de Mol filed a lawsuit against Facebook for publishing fake ads on the social network which used his name and image to perpetrate Bitcoin-related fraud.

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