ISIS Starts Using a Blockchain Messaging App
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ISIS, a terrorist group responsible for a large number of attacks around the world, has reportedly stopped using Telegram in favor of BCM, an application based on cryptos’ underlying technology, Vice reported on December 13.

According to this news outlet, a group of experts responsible for monitoring ISIS activities on the Internet have found out the terrorist group is testing this messaging app to distribute its material.

ISIS usually uses social networks as well as different apps to distribute its material among its supporters. According to an article published by MIT Technology Review, the terrorist group achieved great popularity during 2014 partly thanks to the use of social networks, specifically Twitter.

However, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube imposed a ban on the distribution of content by ISIS on their platforms, so the terrorist group has been forced to look for other alternatives.

It looks like it had been using Telegram, however, it has decided to explore BCM after Telegram also started to ban all content related to ISIS.

ISIS has reportedly decided to use this blockchain app because it offers several unique features, such as anonymity, end-to-end encryption and consistent privacy protection.

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