Hacker Compromises VeChain Foundation Buyback Address
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Dec. 13, 2019
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An unknown hacker has compromised the VeChain Foundation buyback address and stole 1.1 billion VET (approximately $6,3 million USD).

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According to the official announcement, all the funds were transferred into the 0xD802A148f38aBa4759879c33E8d04deb00cFB92b address.

"All the addresses associated with the said hacker’s address have been tagged on VeChainStats, the list is automatically updated as soon as the hacker sends any funds from the original hacker’s address," the announcement states.

The VeChain Foundation has already notified all exchanges to monitor, blacklist and freeze any funds coming from the hacker address. The foundation has also reported this incident to law enforcement in Singapore.

Earlier iHodl reported that Eset, a popular Slovak cybersecurity company, reported that a group of hackers is using YouTube to install cryptojacking malware on users' computers.

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