STASIS Rolls Out Sell-Back Feature
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Dec. 12, 2019
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STASIS stablecoin has unveiled a highly-anticipated Sell-Back UI, a new cryptocurrency off-ramp which is structured to decentralize fiat reserves while allowing users to easily exchange EURS for Euros.

STASIS Stablecoin Digest 09.12.2019

According to the official press release, that was shared with iHodl, the stablecoin team has chosen 3 main cases — lending, remittance, corporate settlement — for the next cycle of project development.

STASIS Rolls Out Sell-Back Feature

"STASIS team has successfully created EURS token, forming a solid foundation around it step by step," the press release states.

In the meantime, previously iHodl reported the Council of the European Union issued a report, according to which the EU decision-maker will ban all stablecoins until all of the risks related to them and concerns are properly addressed.

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