Ticketmaster Wants to Use Smart Contracts in Ticket Sales
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Sandy Khaund, president of blockchain products of the popular American ticket sales and distribution company Ticketmaster, has just announced on a speech at the Elev8CON in Las Vegas the company is interested in the use of smart contracts in the sector.

According to him, this tech could become a revolution in the industry by 2025, as it is expected that by then it will reach a market value of $6.23B.

According to him, ticketing companies should begin to implement smart contracts technology to create scalability, seamless integration with other service providers and the possibility of expanding new revenue opportunities.

He has ensured the company aims to use smart contracts in the issuance of 400-500 million tickets.

This is not the first time Ticketmaster has been associated with the blockchain and crypto sector. For example, in October last year iHodl reported the company had acquired a blockchain-based ticketing solution with the aim of exercising a greater control over ticket distribution and fighting counterfeiting.

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