Lithuania's Central Bank to Issue Collectible Crypto Coin
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Dec. 10, 2019
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The Bank of Lithuania announced yesterday it is exploring the possibility of issuing a collectible digital coin based on cryptos’ underlying technology, the country's central bank has announced through a press release.

The bank reportedly plans to issue this new blockchain-based collectible coin during the spring of 2020.

This coin will reportedly have a value of €19.18 in commemoration of the country's independence, which was reached on February 16, 1918, and its shape and size will be similar to that of a credit card.

In addition, the coin is also dedicated to the signatories of the declaration of independence. Marius Jurgilas, member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania, has said:

"This innovative coin will feature the signatories due to their significant role in the country’s history and contribution to the restoration of our independence."

The Bank of Lithuania plans to issue a total of 24,000 tokens. Each will include the name of one of the 20 signatories of the country's declaration of independence. The coins will be divided into 6 categories according to the area of activity of the signatories, so each category will have a total of 4,000 tokens.

With each purchase, buyers will be rewarded with 6 random tokens. Once a buyer has a coin from each category, he will be able to exchange it for a physical silver coin.

Those collectors who are interested in purchasing these tokens can do it through the central bank's online store.

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