China's Great Firewall Blocks Block Explorer Etherscan
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China has just used its Great Firewall, a tool that cuts off the access of the country's citizens to certain services such as Facebook or Google, to ban ethereum block explorer Etherscan.

According to GreatFire, a non-profit monitoring organization, China used in October its firewall to block access to this block browser of the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The block explorer cannot be accessed from any IP address belonging to mainland China, CoinDesk has reported.

Although the news has just been unveiled, the developer of the service was aware of the situation 3 months ago, although this information has not been confirmed.

The blockade was reportedly activated on October 29, although the exact time in which it came into effect is still unknown.

A block explorer is a web or mobile app that interacts directly with the data contained in a blockchain, in the case of Etherscan, ethereum’s blockchain.

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