SoftBank Launches Debit Card with Integrated Blockchain Wallet
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Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank has just announced the launch of a new debit card with an integrated blockchain wallet, the company has announced through a press release.

According to SoftBank, its new product, dubbed SBC Wallet Cards, includes a blockchain wallet that will work both as a hot and cold wallet. However, the card will also keep all the functions of traditional cards.

When the WiFi function is on, it will operate as a hot wallet, while when it is off, it will operate as a cold wallet.

Among other features, this new card allows users to access their balances in real time in addition to eliminating block confirmation time, allowing them to pay and exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies comfortably by pressing a button in the SBC Wallet Cards app.

A company representative has said:

"We are not doing simple cards, but are creating a flexible and faster life of the application scene and the future of payment integration."

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