Bitfinex Adds Support for BTC Transfers Through Lightning Network
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Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has just added a new feature that allows users to deposit/withdraw funds in bitcoins through the Lightning Network, The Block reports.

After adding this functionality, Bitfinex has become one of the first major crypto exchanges to add support for Lightning Network. From now on, exchange users will be able to instantly transfer bitcoins between their wallets.

According to Bitfinex technical director Paolo Ardoino, the company hopes this will help expand the number of users of the network.

"In Bitfinex, we think that it [the Lightning Network] can be the game-changer of our industry, since it enables P2P micro-payments with small fees and high throughput. Its P2P nature carries the unstoppable force of bitcoin. Still it requires more awareness, understanding and adoption from the larger crypto community. A major exchange supporting it will speed up this adoption process."

Ardoino has also said Bitfinex is working on the launch of Tether and Tether Gold stablecoins onto the Network.

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