Hackers are Distributing Cryptojacking Malware on YouTube
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Eset, a popular Slovak cybersecurity company, has just reported a group of hackers are using YouTube to install cryptojacking malware on users' computers.

In particular, the company claims the hackers responsible for the Stantinko botnet have been installing malware to illegally mine Monero.

So far, their activities were based on fraudulent advertisements, fraud through social networks and password theft, however, they have started to use this new mechanism.

The Stantinko botnet, which has been working since at least 2012 and which is mainly focused on users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, reportedly uses YouTube channels to distribute its cryptojacking module, which mines the privacy-centered cryptocurrency Monero on the victims' computers without their consent.

This malware has already infected over 500,000 devices and works similarly to Dexphot, another malware that according to Microsoft has infected more than 80,000 Windows computers.

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