DX.Exchange Files for Bankruptcy
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Nasdaq-powered DX.Exchange has filed for bankruptcy just one month after announcing it was ceasing its operations.

The cryptocurrency exchange has filed for bankruptcy in an Israeli court, the Times of Israel reported yesterday.

The trading platform, whose headquarters are in Estonia and which is primarily popular for using Nasdaq's market surveillance technology, announced just a month ago it was ceasing its operations and that it was waiting for a partner interested in an acquisition or merger.

The exchange reportedly decided to stop operating due to the lack of funds and announced that if it did not find a partner soon, it would cease its operations permanently.

The bankruptcy application, which has been filed by the exchange employees, alleges they have not been paid since September/October and that there are some particular employees who have not received their salary for even longer.

Pinhas Patarkazishvili, the owner of the company, has accepted all these statements and has not stopped the bankruptcy application.

iHodl English reported in March the exchange had just launched its own security token, while earlier this month we shared a news regarding the temporary cessation of the platform's operations.

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